Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for kids


Do you have an aspiring Jedi knight on your list? Maybe a big leaguer in the making? Our list of holiday gifts for the young ones in your life covers all the bases with suggestions sure to be big hits on Christmas morning and beyond.

Lego sets

It's virtually impossible to do a kids' holiday gift guide without featuring a Lego product. It's a walk down memory lane for the parents, even though the company has done an incredible job creating relevant products for our ever-changing world. Our favorites this year at two distant price points are:

Lego Ideas Old Fishing Store - $149.99 | amazon.com
Lego Speed Champions McLaren - $17.98 | amazon.com

littleBits droid inventor kit

We've featured littleBits products in two of our previous gift guides, but this kit puts the past ones to shame. The Jedis in training on your holiday gift lists will be able to create their own droid using the six bits and numerous droid parts. Better yet, with the Droid Inventor App they can take it on over 16 missions. It's a great way to spark your child's imagination and create some quality bonding time.

$99 | amazon.com

Axe Bats 2018 Element USA-8 baseball bat

If your child is a youth baseball player, hold off on buying that heavily discounted bat until you read Axe Bat's blog post about the upcoming changes. As a parent, I hate knowing that many bats are being unloaded by retailers onto parents who don't know the bats won't be legal in the upcoming Little League and Pony baseball seasons. Make sure the bat you are eyeing has the USA Bat stamp before you make your purchase. Axe Bats have a unique handle that helps hitters control their barrels easier, which is becoming more important as their bats get heavier. Many MLB players use Axe, including the Astros' George Springer and the Diamondbacks' Jake Lamb. The Axe Element L139F that we tested performed well, and the HyperWhip Composite Cap was a cool addition that helped shave some excess weight.

$199 | amazon.com

American Ninja Warrior Deluxe NinjaLine

If you have a backyard and a young American Ninja Warrior on your list, this is the gift for you. The nine-obstacle slackline comes with 17 pockets, allowing for customization to suit your ninja's needs. The 34-foot solid line of 2-inch Slackline webbing can be hung between two posts or healthy trees. Spread obstacles out or add additional, more difficult items to help you train to reach the finals!

$120 | amazon.com

NBA player reversible plush blanket and pillow

If the little hoopster on your shopping list dreams of Klay Thompson, John Wall, Draymond Green, James Harden or Carmelo Anthony, this one is for you. Player selection is extremely limited, but if your kid is a fan of one of these players, this one is sure to please (or give them nightmares). If the full-body shot is too much, there is a line of pillows and a few more options with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard mixed in with the bedspreads.

Blanket - $129.99 | fanatics.com
Pillow - $24.99 | fanatics.com

NBA team PopSockets

If your teenager is married to his or her phone, a PopSocket will be the perfect stocking stuffer. PopSockets help increase the functionality of your phone by allowing you to text with one hand, and they're great for selfies and propping up phone screens for movies. While PopSockets' sports offerings are limited at this time, they do have a license for all NBA teams. Additionally they have hundreds of other styles and a customization option to make it easy for you to find one that matches the personality of everyone on your shopping list.

$14.99 | amazon.com

Coco x Cordoba Mini acoustic guitar

Embark on a musical adventure with the Coco x Cordoba Mini, a fun travel-size nylon string guitar inspired by the 2017 Pixar hit "Coco." With a durable satin finish, the Mini retains the playability of a full-size guitar with an impressively loud voice. Built with a mahogany top, back and sides and in standard E tuning, the Mini's tone is well-balanced and warm. The beautiful laser-etched design is inspired by Miguel's family history, and the guitar is featured throughout the film. Comes with a Cordoba gig bag and guitar strap.

$129.99 | guitarcenter.com

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