Have LeBron's NBA Finals opponents been better than MJ's?

How does LeBron James' NBA Finals competition compare with MJ's? USA Today Sports

Michael Jordan went 6-0 in the NBA Finals and won Finals MVP every time. It's on the short list of most unassailable accomplishments across all of sports.

Eavesdrop on any MJ vs. LeBron James debate in America, and Finals record will be among the very first things discussed. But LeBron's 3-4 record needs extra context, especially if he drops to 3-5 after one more loss to this powerhouse Golden State Warriors squad. As one of the greatest teams in NBA history by most metrics, these Warriors look like the toughest competition James has faced in his eight trips.

So, how do MJ's six Finals opponents compare? Who has had the tougher overall challenge -- and by how much? Let's rank the opposing teams historically to find out.