#NBArank All-Time Kicks: No. 2

We're counting down the greatest basketball sneakers in NBA history. Our #NBArank panel of sneakerheads rated dozens of shoes. The result is our Top 30 list. Today, we unveil No. 2

All-Time Kicks
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Nike Air Foamposite One

Year of release

Players who wore 'em
Penny Hardaway

Check the rhyme
"This is reminiscent to all the parks in the project/When my British Knights can rival your Foamposites" | Nas, "Reach Out"

The sneaker
Do you remember the first time you saw someone wearing these? Maybe it was Mike Bibby at the Final Four or Penny Hardaway in Orlando or Tim Duncan (yes, "boring" Tim Duncan rocked these) at the 1998 All-Star Game. Maybe it was in an Eastbay catalog next to a $180 price tag. No matter where you saw them, you knew you were looking at the future -- like something had come back in time from outer space to land on the feet of basketball players nationwide. And that was before Nike even thought about slapping a galaxy on the side, creating a whole new frenzy for this legendary sneaker. -- Adam Reisinger

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