#NBArank All-Time Kicks: No. 3

Ode to the Air Jordan 1 (0:54)

Michael Jordan came out with his first shoe in 1985. Thirty-one years later, the Air Jordan 1 is still one of the most iconic NBA shoes to ever exist. Jesse Washington pays homage to the sneaker that started Jordan's reign over the shoe game. (0:54)

We're counting down the greatest basketball sneakers in NBA history. Our #NBArank panel of sneakerheads rated dozens of shoes. The result is our Top 30 list. Today, we unveil No. 3

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Air Jordan I

Year of release

Players who wore 'em
Michael Jordan

Classic ad
"Fortunately, the NBA can't stop you from wearing them."

The sneaker
The original is still one of the best -- just not the best anymore, at least according to our expert panel. Still, the importance of this shoe can't be denied. There were signature shoes before this one (The Puma Clyde, the Adidas Stan Smith), but no sneaker turned signature shoes into big business like the Air Jordan I did. Getting "banned" by the NBA was the best thing that could have happened, not only for this pair but also for sneakers in general. -- Adam Reisinger

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