#NBArank All-Time Kicks: No. 5

Ode to the Nike Air Force 1 (1:15)

When Nike created the Air Force 1 basketball shoe in 1982, it set the standard for what hoop shoes could be. Scoop Jackson pays respect to one of the most popular sneakers both on and off the court. (1:15)

We're counting down the greatest basketball sneakers in NBA history. Our #NBArank panel of sneakerheads rated dozens of shoes. The result is our Top 30 list. Today, we unveil No. 5.

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Nike Air Force 1s

Year of release

Players who wore 'em
Moses Malone, Danny Ainge, Charles Barkley, Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse

Check the rhyme
"Now don't nothing get the hype on first sight like white on whites/Them three quarters, them lows, they all tight" | Nelly, "Air Force Ones"

The sneaker
High or low, all white or splashed with color, strap or no strap. There are countless ways to rock the Air Force 1, but the shoe remains an icon and a classic more than 30 years after its original release. They were cool enough to have multiple songs written about them yet good enough on the court to be worn not just by stars of the early '80s but also by Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace a decade later. Ask any sneakerhead, and he or she is almost certain to have multiples of these kicks in the collection. -- Adam Reisinger

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