Updated: December 19, 2013, 6:30 PM ET

BCS Final Season Headlines

Bowl Championship Series -- December 19, 2013

"Gets It Right"  "Perfect Ribbon"  "Going Out In Style"

Statement from Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS:

"Another bowl season begins this weekend and it will conclude with the final rendition of the BCS. I thought I would share some recent headlines. I'm proud of what the BCS has accomplished for college football."


"BCS gets it right again with bowl selections."

-- Glenn Guilbeau

"BCS' last hurrah: Florida State-Auburn provides little controversy."

-- George Schroeder, USA TODAY Sports

"No controversy here: Auburn-FSU to meet for final BCS title."

-- Dennis Dodd, Sr. College Football Columnist

"With Florida State vs. Auburn in BCS title game, the system works."

-- Chris Dufresne

"BCS gets its final championship game right."

-- Blair Kerkhoff

"'Noles, Tigers tie perfect ribbon on BCS."

-- Ira Schoffel

"BCS's season-long elimination tournament works again."

-- Ron Morris

"BCS going out in style as two top teams set to square off."

-- Greg Couch