Media operations policies

The 11 Division I-A commissioners and the athletics director of Notre Dame have approved the following media policies, which will be in effect for all five BCS games:


All media credentials will be authorized and issued by each bowl's media coordinator in accordance with the credentials criteria. Photo-ID credentials will be used at all bowls. Credentials are not transferable and are required for access to all restricted areas beginning on the day of the team's arrival.

• Issuing credentials. Credentials will not be mailed. Recipients must present a government-issued photo ID and verify that they have been assigned by the media agency. Each bowl's media coordinator will provide a sign-in sheet for individuals to sign and confirm receipt of credentials. It is recommended that credentials be issued from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day at the stadium and at the media hotel beginning not later than six days before the game.

• Application process. Media will apply online, using a service chosen by the bowls.

• Deadline. The deadline for media to apply for credentials is the second Friday after selection Sunday.

• Use of footage. Policies governing the airing of news footage, access to the facility, etc. shall be distributed with the credential.

Media guide

Each bowl's media coordinator will produce copies of a site-specific media guide for distribution (by electronic mail) to media before the game. The media coordinator will also print 400 copies of the media guide for distribution in the media workrooms in the headquarters hotel and the competition venue.

Press box operations

Seating must be available for a minimum of 500 individuals in the main press box and any auxiliary seating areas. The bowls' media coordinators will work with personnel from the BCS Group to determine the seating priority for national media; they will also work with the participating sports information directors to determine the seating priority for the participants' media.

All media must have access to pre-game information, game statistics, play-by-play, post-game quotes and notes. Adequate power must be made available to all media personnel.

A full pre-game meal, snacks at halftime, and snacks and a drink assortment for post-game should be made available to all media. Each bowl has the option to provide a meal to the media at the hotel after the game.

Media workroom

Each bowl will assign space for a workroom in the media hotel.

• Display material. Each bowl media coordinator will contact each participating team's sports information director to request a shipment of media guides, bowl guides, statistics, etc., to place in the hotel work room and stadium press box. It is advisable to place complimentary newspapers in the hotel hospitality room.

News conferences

• Feed to Press Box. Audio and video from the postgame news conferences shall be fed to television monitors in the press box.

• Cell Phones. The moderator shall remind attendees to turn off their cell phones.

• Hand-Held Microphones. The bowl will provide hand-held microphones during the news conferences, so all attendees, and any others who may be listening by telephone, may hear questions asked of the coach and student-athletes.

• Moderator. The bowl media coordinator shall appoint a moderator for each news conference. The moderator shall encourage questions for each person at the podium.

Follow-up questions

The moderator generally should limit follow-up questions to one per person.


At all news conferences, the moderator will introduce the sports information directors as well as the participating coaches and student-athletes.


The moderator will ensure that all questioners identify themselves and ensure that only credentialed media ask questions.


Each bowl will provide parking space for radio and television satellite trucks and for private vehicles.


• Game officials. Game officials' conference affiliations will be provided to the media on game day.

• Notes. Immediately after the game, the bowl's media coordinator will distribute notes (e.g., records and other items of interest) to the media.

• Quotes. The bowls will secure the services of a reporting service to provide transcriptions of all postgame news conferences and for all formal news conferences during the week of the National Championship Game. The quotes will be distributed to the media, and also should be e-mailed to all credentialed individuals. Sports information directors are responsible for gathering quotes from practice sites, then the media coordinator will distribute the quotes to the media. Quotes from Media Day interviews, locker rooms and breakout news conferences should also be distributed and e-mailed.

• Quick quotes. Each bowl shall assign staff members to obtain quotes from student-athletes and coaches on the field after the game, and shall relay the quotes to the press box by telephone, radio or other immediate means.

• Speed card. The host bowl will print a speed card. Speed cards must be distributed to media on all game days and also on media day.


• Individual telephone and communications service. Media, including originating radio networks, may order individual telephone and communication services, at their own expense, by calling a number that will be designated by each bowl.

• Originating radio. Available services must include standard business lines, ISDN circuits, ring-down circuits, dry pairs, technical support and telephone sets.

• Wireless internet or high-speed lines in press box. Each bowl shall provide complimentary wireless Internet service and hard-wired broadband Internet service in all print-media seating areas, one connection for every seat.

• High-speed Internet in photo work area. Each bowl shall provide hard-wired broadband lines in the photo work area. If possible, each bowl shall provide enhanced services such as ISDN, DSL or other high-speed data services to be ordered by photo journalists in the digital photo area at the media's expense.

• Pool telephones. Each bowl will provide courtesy telephones together in one location in the press box -- six for the National Championship Game and four for the other games. All of the phones will have local, toll-free and credit card access. All lines will be capable of receiving phone calls. All lines will be restricted from direct access to toll calling, 900 lines, incoming collect calls and other "special services."

• Tech support. Each bowl will provide technical-support personnel in the press box.

Functions for media

Each bowl has the option to provide entertainment functions for the media. For the National Championship Game, no more than two functions will be presented.

A full, pre-game meal, snacks at halftime, and snacks and a drink assortment for postgame will be made available to all media. (See lodging section for information relative to a postgame meal for media at the hotel.)

• Sideline access for media. Credentialed media shall have access to the sidelines until approximately 45 minutes before kickoff. Electronic news gathering (ENG) crews will be permitted to produce "live shots" from the playing field until approximately 45 minutes before kickoff. The bowl shall identify an area for them, as far away from the the sidelines or back of the endzones as possible to ensure safety.

• Radio frequency coordination. The bowl shall appoint an individual to create a list of the portable radio frequencies used by all media representatives and others, to ensure that they do not interfere with each other. It is suggested that the frequency coordinator establish a working position near the entrance to the playing field and that a sticker or other distinctive marker be attached to each agency's cameras or other working equipment as a means of confirming to sideline workers that the frequency has been verified. Media representatives whose equipment does not contain the sticker shall not be permitted access to the sidelines.

Lodging for media

Each bowl will designate a media headquarters hotel. Credentialed media representatives should contact the bowl's media coordinator for instructions about making reservations.

Transportation for media

Each bowl will provide transportation for media representatives between the media hotel and the stadium on media day and game day.

Television rights

ESPN owns all production and distribution rights to television, non-standard television radio and internet broadcasts to the Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowls and the National Championship Game. ESPN also has rights to sell title sponsorships to each of the games. ESPN also has ancillary media rights, including the right to do ancillary programming, such as "This Week in the BCS," a BCS selection show, and BCS game lead-in shows.

Institutions' radio rights

Each participating institution's regular-season radio network has the right to broadcast the games on the institution's existing radio network within the home state of such institution, and across state lines to the extent such cross-over is included in its Designated Market Area. No school or Conference satellite radio rights can extend to or include any BCS bowl games or National Championship Games. Moreover, no institution, its radio network, Conference, or Conference radio network, or any other person contracting with an institution or Conference may stream an institution's radio broadcast of any BCS bowl game or of any BCS National Championship Game over the Internet. Each bowl will provide access to the venue of the applicable bowl game or National Championship Game free of charge to a reasonable number of persons of each institution's radio network and shall provide space suitable for the radiocasting of the applicable game by such radio network.

All other radio rights are owned by ESPN. Any bowl wishing to radiocast its bowl game or sell radio rights to such game must make those arrangements separately with ESPN.