Interview policies

News conferences will be conducted during the week of each game (see the schedule of events) and also immediately after each game. The host media coordinator will have the authority to designate and require any student-athlete to attend any news conference.
The media coordinator designated by the BCS Group will work with the host bowl to assign a designee to facilitate the postgame news conferences.

Game days

Locker room: The locker rooms will be open to the media for a minimum of 30 minutes after the postgame cooling-off period ends, provided media representatives are present the entire time. Student-athletes who do not play in the game may depart earlier.
The head coach has the option to allow representatives of the national television rightsholder and the institution's radio rightsholder into the locker room before the game and during the cooling-off period after the game.
Cooling-off period: A "cooling-off period" has been set aside for a coach to be with the student-athletes in the locker room after each game. The period for the losing team begins when the coach enters the locker room immediately after the game. The period for the winning team begins after conclusion of the trophy presentation.
The period will be 20 minutes for the winning team and 10 minutes for the losing team. A coach may shorten the cooling-off period, but may not extend it. The coach and student-athletes must report to the interview room after the cooling-off period ends
"Selected media" policy: Except for the national television rightsholders as noted in the "locker rooms" section above, no interviews may take place during the cooling-off period. Should a coach permit one media representative to enter the locker room before the cooling-off period has ended, the locker room will be open to all other media representatives desiring access.


Each institution has the option of having its practices in the locale of the bowl open or closed to the media.
For those institutions choosing the "closed" option, a 15-minute period during a minimum of two practices at the designated practice site must be open to the media. The 15-minute period will begin at the end of pre-practice stretching and warm-up drills. The team may not choose to have these media availabilities on its first practice, nor its final walk-thru. No interviews will be conducted during the open portion of the practices; media will stand on the sidelines and photograph the first 15 minutes of the practice.
The head coach and selected student-athletes will be available to the media after the practice two days before the game (i.e., January 2 for a January 4 game.) If the bowl does not conduct a media day, then six to eight different student-athletes shall also be made available after practice on an additional day.
Each institution has the option to make coaches and student-athletes available in conjunction with other practices, and shall notify the media of any such availability in advance.

News conferences during game week

Each Bowl will conduct news conferences during the week of the game. The Bowl shall propose a schedule of news conferences to the institutions; the bowl and the institution shall agree upon the schedule not later than December 15. Once the Bowl and the institution have agreed to the schedule, it shall not be adjusted. The suggested schedule is as follows:
Day 1: Coach upon arrival — news conference at airport, team hotel or other location identified by the Bowl; (Coaches and student-athletes also have the option to participate in brief interviews upon arrival at the airport.)
Day 2: Team A offensive coordinator and selected starting offensive players, team B defensive coordinator and selected starting defensive players at media hotel. (Suggested times are 8:30 a.m. for Team A and at 9:30 a.m. for Team B)
Day 3: Team A defensive coordinator and selected starting defensive players and Team B offensive coordinator and selected sstarting offensive players at media hotel. (Suggested times are 8:30 a.m. for Team B and 9:30 a.m. for Team A.) Note: The student-athletes who accompany the coaches to the news conferences on Day 2 and Day 3 must include the starting quarterback, leading tackler, all major national award winners and first-team all-Americans.
Day 4: *Media day at stadium or other location chosen by the Bowl — all coaches and student-athletes. (Student-athletes shall wear game jerseys. Suggested times are home team from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and visiting team from 11 a.m. to noon.)
The head coach and four student-athletes will sit on risers on the sideline. Other student-athletes will sit in the stands. Teams have the option to take a team photo on the field before or after the interviews.
Day 5: Six to eight selected student-athletes available after practice. (Final student-athlete availability.)
Day 6: Head coaches at media hotel. (Suggested times are home team at 8:30 a.m., visiting team at 9 a.m.)
Day 7: Game Day
Day 8: *Head coach of winning team at media hotel. The following trophies will be presented: AFCA, Football Writers, Associated Press and National Football Foundation. (Suggested time is 10 to 11 a.m.)
* Required at National Championship Game, optional at other bowls. If the bowl opts not to conduct media day, then it is suggested that the activities on Day 2 and Day 3 take place on days 3 and 4.

News conferences, postgame

Representatives of each team shall participate in a news conference after the game.
Pregame designation: Before the game, the coach shall designate a minimum of two starters to report to the interview room immediately after the cooling-off period ends. The media coordinator will distribute the names of these individuals to the media before the end of the game. The media coordinator may also require that nondesignated student-athletes join or replace a representative in the designated group should the athletes' performances merit it.
Obligation of coach: Regardless of any personal regular-season radio or television contracts, the coach is first obligated to the entire media staffing the game and must report to the interview room immediately after the cooling-off period ends. After fulfilling this commitment to the media staffing the game, the coach and student-athletes may participate in other interviews.
The coach may not delay a postgame interview with the covering media to conduct a program for a single newspaper, radio, online or television reporter unless requested to grant a short interview by the national television rightsholder or the radio network as noted herein.
Order of appearance: The losing coach and players shall be scheduled in the interview room before the winning coach and players.
Timing. The scoreboard operator shall start the clock at 20 minutes when the postgame trophy presentation ends. After 20 minutes, the winning team's representatives will be escorted to the locker room and interview room.

Television and radio rightsholders, postgame

If requested, the winning coach, losing coach and winning student-athletes shall grant postgame interviews, not to exceed four minutes, to the rightsholding television and/or the rightsholding radio networks provided the networks are still providing live coverage from the facility. The media coordinator will be responsible for terminating the four-minute interview period, not the television or radio network.
The rightsholding television network will have the first choice of individuals to interview, then the rightsholding radio networks.
The networks cannot inordinately delay the coaches' and student-athletes' return to the locker room. If the networks are not prepared to conduct live interviews immediately, it will be necessary for the interviews to be taped. Any interview with the losing coach should be conducted off the field, near the locker room.