TV ratings


A look at the BCS TV ratings through the years:

2010-11 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2009-10 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2008-09 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2007-08 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2006-07 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2005-06 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2004-05 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2003-04 Bowl Game TV Ratings

2002-03 Bowl Game TV Ratings

Following are the national household ratings for 28 college football bowl games in 2002-03. There are 105,444,000, or 98.2 percent, of all U.S. households with television sets. The ratings indicate the percentage of television households tuned in to that particular game.

Thus, a 17.2 rating for the Fiesta Bowl indicates that 17.2 percent of all television sets (or 18,168,000 households) were tuned to the game. This compares to an average rating of 8.8 (or 9,279,070 households) for a prime-time program on one of the broadcast networks.

BCS Bowl All-TIme TV Ratings (1998-Present)

From 1998 to 2006, the BCS National Championship Game was played within the four BSC Bowl Games (Fiesta, Orange, Rose, and Sugar). In 2007, a fifth game was added that was the BCS National Championship Game. Prior to 2007, * denotes BCS National Championship Game.