Bowls background

  • Bowl games make $260 million in annual payouts to NCAA schools. More than $1.8 billion has been paid out in just the past 10 years and the bowls will conservatively pay out more than $2.6 billion during the next decade.

  • Most bowl games are nonprofit organizations. The more revenue the bowl brings in through ticket sales and sponsors, for example, the more money can be paid to NCAA schools.

  • Bowl games generate increased donations, valuable visibility and even increases in school enrollment applications. In addition, they also can increase long-term revenues in licensing, endorsement money, TV contracts and season-ticket sales.

  • Bowl games generate an estimated $1.285 billion in economic impact for host communities each year.

  • Attendance at the 2009-10 bowl games was a record 1.77 million fans.

  • Total TV viewership increased 10 million in one year to 145 million TV households in 2009-10.

  • The 2009-10 bowl season also produced a record total ratings for non-BCS bowls; stadiums filled to an average 86 percent of capacity; and 12 bowls that were sellouts.

Source: Football Bowl Association