Coaches favor BCS system

In its coverage of the American Football Coaches Association's (AFCA) annual convention the Orlando Sentinel reported today that a survey of all 120 Football Bowl Subdivision universities found that a strong majority of coaches want to keep the BCS system the way it is.

"Coaches want what's best for the game and for the student-athletes," said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS. "Clearly, this survey carries a lot of weight. It is understandable that the coaches appreciate the BCS for what it has done: match the top two teams while preserving the bowl system and continuing to emphasize the regular season."

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Excerpts from the article include:

"Right now, we have a good system," said Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, whose team has played in three BCS championship games. "That's not to say we won't improve it. How it will improve over time we'll find out, but I wouldn't be in favor of scrapping what we do. There are too many things to keep in mind, bowls, student athlete welfare, all the rest. I wouldn't start over."

"The biggest thing as far as TCU or Boise State or Utah, what's to say that if you went to a playoff it would be any easier for us?" TCU coach Gary Patterson said. "The other thing I brought up is injury. Say you've got a guy who has a chance to be a first-round draft choice like Colt McCoy. What happens if those guys have a chance to make millions of dollars? Well, I helped you get to 12-0, but I'm going to bow out of this playoff because I have to think of my future. What's going to be the answer to that one?"

"I like the bowl system," Oregon State coach Mike Riley said. "I like the opportunity for a lot of teams to have a successful season and to get a chance to go to a bowl game. We don't need to limit that to whatever the playoff deal is. I've been involved in small college playoff systems. It was fun, it was great but it wasn't perfect. The system we have now is as close as we can get to a national championship."