Colts show playoff realities

Last Sunday's decision by the Indianapolis Colts to rest key starting players -- which many believe led to a victory by the New York Jets -- has shown quite clearly some of the direct effects of the NFL playoffs on the sport's regular season and postseason. The BCS group has no position whatsoever on this decision, but it does offer a real-life illustration of what an NFL-style playoff could do to college football's regular season -- the most exciting and meaningful in sports.

"We've said all along that the NFL and college football are different and should be different. There's no question that playoffs diminish the regular season, and we think the rollercoaster ride of college football's regular season is worth protecting. Perhaps the best reason for the BCS can be summed up in three words -- every game counts," said Bill Hancock, BCS Executive Director.

Colts fans and season ticketholders outraged

"It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. And I think the Colts fans and the season ticketholders ought to have something to say about it." (Indianapolis Colts fan after the game). (See video report.)

Callers to radio shows repeatedly questioned Indy's tack. Some asked for refunds. One talk show host read an e-mail on the air that said the Colts didn't lose Sunday's game, they forfeited it. (Read more.)

As longtime president of the Blue Crew, the Colts fan club, and an ownership partner in Blue Crew Sports Grill in Fishers, Randy Collins has his fingers on the pulse of Colts fans. He hears their rants. He feels their feelings. "Betrayal. You play the game to win. We paid to see a good football game. This is a once in a lifetime thing," Collins said. (Read more.)

Postseason playoff picture altered

The decision also could have ramifications on the playoff race. The Jets now have control, thanks to Sunday's victory, and teams such as Pittsburgh or Houston could end up missing the postseason because the Colts rested key players. "Obviously I would have loved to have seen them win that game," Houston coach Gary Kubiak said. "But for us it really doesn't matter. We have to worry about taking care of our business. … They've got to do what they think they got to do. But we've got to worry about ourselves." (Read more.)