A not-so-Sweet 16

The BCS launches a new series today that takes an in-depth look at the challenges presented by various playoff proposals. In the weeks ahead, these analyses will be posted at www.playoffproblem.com.

Today's analysis examines a hypothetical 16-team playoff, with 11 conference champions receiving automatic berths and five at-large teams filling out the brackets based on the final BCS Standings. Click here to read the analysis.

"Playoffs sound great on paper, but once the details become clear, we believe they would trigger as much -- if not more -- contention than today's system produces. Playoff proponents can sidestep these problems in a hypothetical world, but we can't in the real world," said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS.

"It's not that the college presidents couldn't devise a playoff plan; they could, but at great loss to the game that we all love. The playoff plans that have been considered present real problems on a range of fronts -- from the number of teams in the playoff bracket, to where the games would be played, to the burden on the fans, to a playoff's effect on the regular season and bowls -- which is why higher education leaders have rejected them," said Hancock.