Congress: Here's what they are saying

Chicago Tribune: "We think lawmakers should stay out of it -- not just because they need to focus on Iran, Afghanistan, health care and the economy but because we've seen how they go about making those decisions. We envision the John P. Murtha Bowl, the Don Young Bridge to Nowhere Bowl... You get the drift." (Editorial, "Sore Losers," Chicago Tribune, 12/13/09)

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: "A Capitol Hill attempt to meddle in big-time college football's Bowl Championship Series is ludicrous. Congress has too many serious challenges to deal with -- and already interferes in too much it should leave alone -- for it to play such games." (Editorial, "Congress & The BCS: Warped Priorities," Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 12/14/09)

Washington Times: "It's offensive that the political class has decided to fiddle while America burns." (Editorial, "Government Tackles Football," Washington Times, 12/13/09)

Rob Hotakainen, Sacramento Bee: "[C]ritics say members should focus on the more weighty issues of the day. 'It's sending the wrong message at a time when unemployment rates are historically high and the number of working poor in my district continues to skyrocket,' said Ohio Democratic Rep. Zack Space, a former college football player." (Rob Hotakainen, "Congress Tussles Over College Football Playoffs," Sacramento Bee, 12/13/09)

Charleston Post And Courier: "[Rep. Barton], along with all the other elected officials in Washington, should talk -- and worry -- much less about the BCS and much more about the GDP." (Editorial, "Bad Playoff Call By Congress," Charleston Post And Courier, 12/14/09)

Norman Transcript: "Complicated wars on two fronts. A health care and health insurance system out of control. Biggest economic problems in 80 years. So what does Congress turn its attention to: College football. Specifically, the NCAA Division I football bowl game that decides a national champion. … Let colleges wrestle with the BCS. Congress has much weightier matters to debate." (Editorial, "Leave The Football Fuss To Colleges And Coaches," Norman Transcript (OK), 12/11/09)

Jon M. Hunter, Madison Daily Leader: "This is one of the best examples we've seen of Congress getting involved in things it shouldn't. But apparently, some members of the House either felt they needed to take control of something they didn't already control, or they just wanted the publicity. In either case, it is foolish for the committee to pass a bill." (Jon M. Hunter, "Congress Getting Involved In College Football Is Just Foolish," Madison Daily Leader (SD), 12/10/09)

Gary Peterson, Contra Costa Times: "One question for the House Energy and Commerce committee members who approved a bill aimed at forcing college football to adopt a playoff system: Really? A few follow-up questions, if we may: Was it a slow week on the job, or what? You didn't have the energy to deal with energy? Not feeling industrious enough to tackle commerce?" (Gary Peterson, "BCS Debate Not Good For Congress," Contra Costa Times (CA), 12/10/09)

Paris Post Intelligencer: "Since when does the federal government have any business in deciding sports titles? … It's sort of like asking the Supreme Court to settle an argument between your kids." (Editorial, "The Capitol Hill Bowl," Paris Post Intelligencer (TN), 12/10/09)

New York Daily News: "The members are welcome to have all the fun they want talking about college ball but not to put the force of law behind their gridiron opinions. Or pretty soon we might have the Comprehensive Third Down and Short Yardage Act of 2010 to outlaw the quarterback sneak as too furtive for a manly sport like football." (Editorial, "They Should Take A Hike: Congress Needs To Fix The Country, Not College Football," New York Daily News, 12/9/09)

Greenville News: "But doesn't Congress have something more important to do, say, like fixing the record national deficit, trying to find a way to promote the creation of jobs and keeping an eye out for terrorists? Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush defended the action in an Associated Press story by saying Congress can 'walk across the street and chew gum at the same time.' Well, we're not so sure about that." (Editorial, "Thumbs Down: Playoff Bill's A Waste Of Time," Greenville News (SC), 12/12/09)

Mike Caldwell, Ironton Tribune: "The economy is still struggling. Unemployment is still far higher than it should be. We are still mired in two essentially unwinnable wars. Health care reform isn't much closer to happening and the 'cure' may be even worse than the 'disease.' But, all that is OK. Apparently one of the most crucial challenges facing our country is which teams play for a national championship." (Mike Caldwell, "Watching Football Instead Of The World," Ironton Tribune (OH), 12/12/09)