Revenue distribution data released

The conferences and institutions participating in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) today released unofficial and estimated data of the net revenue from the 2010-11 games. For the second straight year, the non-AQ conferences will receive a record amount of BCS revenues ($24.72 million) because of two factors: TCU's automatic berth in a BCS game; and the increase in overall revenues from the new arrangement with ESPN and the bowls.

As a result of a decision made by the five non-AQ conferences in 2004 (not by the BCS group), the overall amount of $24.72 million will be allocated among those conferences, instead of remaining with the Mountain West Conference, whose champion, TCU played in the Rose Bowl game. Since the non-AQ conferences have not yet released this year's revenue distribution plan, it is not possible to calculate the share per conference at this time.

In addition to the estimated $24.72 million that the non-AQ conferences are expected to receive from the appearance of TCU, the following net distributions are expected to be made to the six AQ conferences:

--Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big 12 -- $21.2 million each
--Big Ten, Southeastern, Pac-10 -- $27.2 million each (Note: These three conferences each had two teams in the BCS bowls, which is why their distribution is higher than the other AQ conferences.)

"For the second straight year, the non-AQ conferences will see a record amount of revenues because of their participation in the BCS, which shows the strength and fairness of the current system. The fact is that all of Division I football is better off because of the BCS, financially and otherwise," said Bill Hancock, executive director of the BCS.