What they're saying ...

Tony Kornheiser, ESPN's Pardon The Interruption:

"I don't think the government should be messing around with college football. There's more important things. I don't think they ultimately will. ... So far the championships seem to provide the best teams." (Pardon The Interruption, ESPN, 05/05/11)

Michelle Beadle, ESPN's SportsNation:

"It's ridiculous. ... I absolutely hate this. We just spent eight years and multi-millions of dollars on the Barry Bonds case. And I get what antitrust is, I understand where the interest is coming in. If the government wants to get involved, which I don't think they should get involved -- they probably got bigger fish to fry. ..." (SportsNation, ESPN 2, 05/05/11)

Colin Cowherd, ESPN's SportsNation:

"I think the Justice Department should worry more about Goldman Sachs and Wall Street. ..." (SportsNation, ESPN 2, 05/05/11)

Tim Sullivan, San Diego Union-Tribune:

"The outcome is uncertain, but the Department of Justice's efforts to bully college football toward order and equity could be as arduous as herding cats into huddles. Dissolving the BCS is certainly doable, if that's the government's goal, but building consensus for any particular playoff proposal while simultaneously appeasing the bowl games that helped build the sport carries a daunting degree of difficulty." ("DOJ May Bust Up BCS, But Replacement Could Be Less Appealing," San Diego Union-Tribune, 05/06/11)

Editorial, Aiken Standard:

"Sometimes we just have to ask: 'Doesn't the federal government have more important things to do?'" ("Find Another NCAA Issue To Investigate," Aiken Standard, 05/06/11)

William Markham, antitrust attorney:

"I think universities should have other priorities than enlisting the support of the Department of Justice to pry open public sporting events so that their universities can have more acclaim." ("DOJ May Bust Up BCS, But Replacement Could Be Less Appealing," San Diego Union-Tribune, 05/06/11)

Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times:

"The Department of Justice on Wednesday sent a letter to the NCAA asking why there isn't a playoff in major college football. Next week: Why do doughnuts have holes?" ("Government Needs To Stay Out Of College Football's Business," Los Angeles Times, 05/05/11)

George Diaz, Orlando Sentinel:

"So much of this boils down to political payback. And that doesn't sit right. ... The BCS isn't the perfect system, but it's the best one in play for the moment. Given all the variables in play, I seriously doubt we will see a playoff system soon. Political payback isn't going to get it done either. Go deal with more important things in this country." ("Feds Wrong Going After BCS Playoff System," Orlando Sentinel, 05/05/11)

Stephen Ross, law professor:

"I'll be very interested to see what the Utah attorney general's specific claim is, what is specifically illegal. ... Because if you work through specific antitrust claims, it's not so easy to see what the specific violations are." ("NCAA Yet To Receive Letter From Justice Department On BCS," USA Today, 05/06/11)