Why Seattle's offense will improve

AP Photo/John Froschauer

SEATTLE -- A botched Monday night officiating call delivering the Seattle Seahawks to victory against an NFC North opponent at CenturyLink Field? Nothing new.

Another commonality across these disputed Seahawks victories: Seattle totaled three offensive touchdowns in wins against the Lions on Monday night and in the "Fail Mary" game against the Packers in 2012. This is a trend more recently as well, inviting questions about the Seahawks' viability against good teams. Seattle over the past two weeks combined for two offensive TDs in victories over the Lions and Chicago Bears. Those teams have allowed a combined 20 offensive touchdowns in six games against other opponents this season.

How problematic are the Seahawks' issues on offense? Bad enough, most likely, for the 2-2 Seahawks to dip beneath .500 after visiting the 4-0 Cincinnati Bengals in Week 5. This will be one of those 10 a.m. PT games that feel more difficult for West Coast teams, and it will be played on a short week as well. But even if this Seattle offense goes from bad to worse in the short term, there are reasons to think the Seahawks will possess the late-season firepower they'll need to make another Super Bowl push.

Let's take a look.

Offense has needed time, by design