Predicting how the NFL's biggest offseason moves will play out

Cowboys likely to cut Romo this offseason (1:01)

Dan Graziano thinks the only way the Cowboys do not cut Tony Romo is if a team blows them away with a trade offer, something he sees as unlikely given Romo's age and injury history. (1:01)

Below, our NFL Insiders predict how the biggest offseason moves will shake out. The questions: What about Adrian Peterson? Where will Tony Romo be playing in 2017? Will the Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo? Will Jason Pierre-Paul re-sign with the Giants? Will the Bears keep Alshon Jeffery? And will Dont'a Hightower be back in New England?

Will Adrian Peterson be playing for the Vikings in 2017? If not, who scoops him up?

Bowen: Not under his current deal, which calls for an $18 million cap number next season. If the Vikings can rework Peterson's contract, he could be carrying the ball in Minnesota next season. However, I don't see that happening. Look for Peterson to land elsewhere next season, with the Giants at the top of the list. Paired with Paul Perkins, Peterson could give New York a boost, even in a reduced role.

Graziano: This is a tough one, because there's no way he plays for the Vikings on his current contract. But I will say yes, he stays in Minnesota after he and the team figure out a Larry Fitzgerald-style way to re-do the deal and keep him where he wants to be. I just don't think he's going to get the deal of his dreams on the open market, and the Vikings have incentive to bring him back.

Sando: I'd be surprised if Peterson returned to the Vikings.