Playoff Problem Web site launches

A new Web site, www.playoffproblem.com, which challenges the concept of implementing an NFL-style playoff in college football, was launched today by the BCS group. The site will provide information, data, and commentary about the differing ideas of how a playoff would work.

"This site is for the millions of us who love college football, but may have differing views on how a team earns a national championship," said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). "We have all the respect in the world for those who prefer a different arrangement; we just want fans to understand that a playoff is a lot easier on paper than it is in the real world. How many teams would play? How would the teams be selected? Where would the games be played? When? We'll explore all these questions and more on this site."

"While it's easy to say you prefer a playoff, there really is no consensus among hypothetical playoff advocates for what a playoff should look like. The BCS format has the consensus of the conferences."

The BCS group respects the views of all fans and encourages an active and healthy debate.